Final Girls by Riley Sager

Wed, 07/26/2017 - 6:36pm -- BHanley

The only survivor. This is what it means to be a Final Girl. Quincy was the only survivor from a college weekend party at Pine Cottage after witnessing the brutal death of her friends, and coming close to death herself. She was rescued by a lone cop who shot to death the alleged killer. As both a blessing and a curse, Quincy can only remember up to the bloodshed and then her rescue afterward. On a national interest level, Quincy joined Lisa and Samantha as Final Girls, lone survivors of massacres. In the years since, Quincy has tried to be normal; she bakes, runs a blog, has a live-in boyfriend, and stays in contact with her rescuer, Coop. Things change when Lisa unexpectedly commits suicide. Quickly after, Samantha – who has been missing for some time – turns up on Quincy’s doorstep. When Samantha tries to get Quincy to remember that dreadful night, she makes a few risky ventures and takes Quincy on a journey she may not make it back from! It’s a dark, psychological thriller from a “new” author with enough twisty and stormy turns to keep you both invested and interested. Recommended for readers of Gillian Flynn and Ruth Ware.

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