A "Constructive" New Year

Wed, 12/28/2016 - 6:12pm -- KChin

A New Chapter Upstairs: 2nd Floor Renovation Blog

December 28, 2016

A new year is fast approaching!  We are making great progress on the library construction project.  We still seem to be on target for the project to be completed in May, 2017.

I am very impressed with the construction company and crew.  Where most construction sites tend to have loud radios blaring and workers often shouting back and forth to each other, the workers on our library project seem to be using “their library voices”!  There is no loud radio and no shouting that I have ever heard or witnessed during the times I have stopped by the work site.  In fact, the crew are very careful to clean up the construction site very thoroughly each day which shows their diligence and care.

Last week we met with the architects to choose paint colors, rugs, and other finishes.  Great care is being given to having harmonious color schemes throughout the renovation.  While the children’s room will be more youthful and playful in many of its elements, good taste will still prevail and every detail is being  carefully considered.

The auditorium will have all new seats that are very comfortable—we tested them!  Care is being given to improving the acoustics of the auditorium.  Hand rails will be installed along the stairway aisles to assist people of all ages as they negotiate the landings between seating rows.












































































To view more photos visit our photo album on our Facebook page.

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