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Granada: a pomegranate in the Hand of God by Steven Nightingale

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 11:29am -- JGranatino

Traveling though Andalusia with his wife and three year old daughter, Steven Nightingale becomes captivated by Granada. Originally intending to rent a house, he and his wife ultimately decide to purchase and renovate a house in the historic Albayzin neighborhood, which, along with the palace-fortress known as the Alhambra, has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. As he explores the charming carmens and winding streets of his new neighborhood, he studies the period of the convivencia, an era of rich intellectual production and intercultural dialogue among the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim cultures that lived in Granada prior to 1492, and describes the tragic demise of this golden age. His book presents a fascinating glimpse of the city’s history, music, poetry, and art, the intoxicating “currents of beauty and infamy,” which continue to draw over three million visitors to Granada each year.

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