The Stranger in the Woods: the extraordinary story of the last true hermit by Michael Finkel

Sat, 06/10/2017 - 4:35pm -- JGranatino

Author Michael Finkel relates the true story of Christopher Knight, an alarm installer who at the age of 20 vanished without a trace, abandoning society to become a hermit in the deep woods of his home state near Moosehead Lake, Maine. Having jettisoned his car and spent the money of his last paycheck, he turned to pilfering food, clothing, and needed supplies from the cabins in this lake region, becoming increasingly bold in his burglaries.  Astonishingly, he escaped apprehension for a full twenty seven years. Knight’s choice of this eccentric off-the-grid lifestyle, how he lived invisibly and in complete solitude in the Maine woodlands, is an absorbing narrative not soon to be forgotten. 

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