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Real Love: the art of mindful connection by Sharon Salzberg

Mon, 06/19/2017 - 3:17pm -- JGranatino

In her latest book, Sharon Salzberg, a prolific writer and noted presenter on the topics of mindfulness and meditation, discusses “real love” and the practice of loving-kindness in order to cultivate “transformative strength” in everyday life. She stresses the importance of first loving ourselves in order to reach out to others, including persons whom we find difficult. The book is filled with practical advice, exercises, and meditations intended to increase attentiveness, explore one’s emotions and reactions, develop a loving and compassionate nature, nurture sympathetic joy, and savor the moment. In Salzberg’s words, “Real love comes with a powerful recognition that we are fully alive and whole despite our wounds or our fears or our loneliness. It is a state where we allow ourselves to be seen clearly by ourselves and by others, and in turn, we offer clear seeing to the world around us. It is a love that heals.”

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