Morningstar: Growing Up With Books by Ann Hood

Mon, 08/07/2017 - 12:51pm -- JGranatino

How does it begin, this passion for reading, this intoxication with the endless beauty and variety of the written word? How often this love of books springs up spontaneously, unexpected, in the most unlikely settings. In this slender autobiographical account, best-selling Providence-based  author Ann Hood recounts her earliest encounters with books that engaged her deeply, sparked her imagination, and broadened her horizons, making her want “to live inside a book.” She mentions the books and writers who made the most profound impressions on her as a young woman growing up in West Warwick, inspiring her to embark on a literary life. Readers who enjoy Hood’s fiction will appreciate her heartfelt descriptions of her family life, settings familiar to Rhode Islanders, and her first-hand accounts of the transformative power of books. 

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