She Sheds: a room of your own by Erika Kotite

Wed, 08/23/2017 - 9:42am -- JGranatino

In recent years, the expression “man cave” has been used to describe an informal room where men can “be themselves,” furnishing the space as they wish. The “she-shed” is a woman’s equivalent: a place to relax while surrounded by treasured objects, to engage in creative pursuits, or simply to “get away from it all.” Author Kotite’s beautifully-photographed book showcases a variety of she-sheds: modified utility sheds, kits, and greenhouses, artfully adapted salvage and recycled materials, and even elaborate custom constructions such as a Balinese-inspired teahouse or a Spanish stucco cottage. She gives practical advice and many useful tips on price, purpose, building and decorating, incorporating greenery (green roofs, trellises), and other details to transform your shed into a peaceful personalized retreat. This book will be relished by any woman who has fantasized about having that special “room of one’s own” for relaxation, rejuvenation, and unleashing of creative potential.



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