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Camino Island by John Grisham

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 9:57am -- JGranatino


A gang of thieves pull off a heist at Princeton University where they manage to steal several original F.Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts insured at twenty five million dollars. Although they were savvy enough to use a smoke screen to throw off the police, it isn't long before a couple of the career criminals are caught. Panicking that the authorities are closing in, the manuscripts are then sold for a song. In the meantime, the FBI and an independent firm hired by the insurance company are zeroing in on a flourishing book store on Camino Island of Florida where it is rumored that the owner, Bruce Cable, dabbles in the purchase of first editions as well as stolen valuable books. A plan is hatched by the firm where a young struggling female author, Mercer Mann, is used as bait to gain Cable's confidence. Grisham's Camino Island has a strong beginning that lures the reader in, but somewhere in the middle it loses it's way, although if you're a Grisham fan, you will still enjoy the story.

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