PCFF presents...Chuskit

In the Ladakh region of northern India renowned for its remote mountain beauty, Chuskit is a charismatic ten-year-old girl who eagerly explores the country around her and going to school with her friends. After an accident results in full paralysis of her legs, Chuskit must triumph over adversity. The film captures the pathos of life when living with limitations as well as the exhilaration when those limitations are transcended. Story inspired by true events.

India / 2018 / Ladakhi (w/English subtitles) / Dir. Priya Ramasubban / 89 min / Ages 10+ 

Part of Providence Children's Film Festival's 10th Anniversary Celebration! For more info or to watch the trailers please click here.

Event Location: 
Salem Family Auditorium (Second Floor)
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