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Enforcing a Smoke Free Multi-Unit Building Policy

The Rhode Island Department of Health’s Live Smoke Free, Be Tobacco Free Program and Health Resources in Action will provide a free workshop for affordable multi-unit building administrators and the general public to learn how protect residents, employees, and visitors from secondhand smoke exposure and exposure to e-cigarette aerosol in multi-unit buildings. This workshop will provide an overview of key policy implementation, available resources, and strategies to enforce a policy.

This session is ideal for public health advocates, public housing authorities, affordable multi-unit property management groups, managers, resident service coordinators, residents and housing administrators considering a no smoking policy and those wanting to strengthen enforcement efforts for an existing policy.

Topics for the workshop will include:
Cessation promotion and available resources
Model smoke-free policy language and lease addendums
Developing an enforcement plan, sample tools for documenting non-compliance and boost compliance
Medical marijuana and the dangers of secondhand marijuana smoke exposure
Legal issues, reasonable accommodations and lessons learned

Event Location: 
Collis Family Gallery A (Second Floor)
Collis Family Gallery B (Second Floor)
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