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Meet the Author Kids Book Club

Read "Strong Like The Sea"  and meet author Wendy Swore on Zoom. Each participant will receive their own an autographed copy of the book.
Recommended for kids in grades 4 through 6; limited to 8 participants. Registration opens on November 5.

Strong Like The Sea excerpt:

"Alexis, a 12-year-old native Hawaiian, is terrified of the ocean and the creatures that live there because of an encounter she had early in her life with a moray eel. Her mother, a civilian contractor for the Navy, likes to give Alexis elaborate puzzles to solve when she's away on assignments. One puzzle gets her working for her grumpy neighbor, who everyone calls Uncle Tanaka, helping him gather marine samples. She has to use all her problem-solving abilities and overcome her fear of the ocean when Uncle Tanaka is suddenly in distress."





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