Medical Medium Thyroid Healing: the truth behind Hashimoto's, Graves', Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules & Epstein-Barr by Anthony William

Wed, 02/07/2018 - 1:41pm -- JGranatino

William's third book in his Medical Medium Series, Medical Medium Thyroid Healing puts a new spin on the epidemic of thyroid disease. He asserts that the reason why so many thyroid patients don't get enough relief from medication is not because of the thyroid. This, in itself, is another symptom of a far greater problem. The issue is an underlying virus that is invasive to the body. William's protocol for healing your thyroid begins with treating this underlying culprit, the Epstein- Barr Virus (EBV). EBV is a chronic virus that when active can mimic some of the more extreme typical thyroid symptoms. He recommends powerful foods, herbs and supplements necessary for healing and a 90-day thyroid cleanse. William advocates some unusual measures like infusing your water with light and raising a fist over your head so the angels around you will assist in the light making as well as some more orthodox ones like food to heal the thyroid and foods to avoid. His treatment plan to heal the body will take a lot of dedication as well as a tolerance for some of his "out there" recommendations. If trusting in doctors and medication has not made a difference in how you feel, this book just might be the vehicle to makie a difference.

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