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A New Chapter Upstairs: 2nd Floor Renovation Blog

January 26, 2017

Some exciting progress has been made over the past two weeks.  We can now see many of the rooms and offices because they have been framed, and in some cases the dry wall is up.  We have paint samples on the walls so we can see how the various colors will coordinate.  The colors are truly lovely! The color palette is both sophisticated and charming!

The wonderful entrance to the new children’s room has also been framed.  Unlike with the old children’s room which had a small door as its entrance, the large, well-located entrance to the new children’s room will give a feeling of importance and excitement as if to say “welcome to this very special place for children and the people who care about them!”

This past week we have also spent quite a bit of time deciding on the upgrades to the auditorium and gallery.  We will have a complete upgrade to the projection, sound, and lighting that will make the auditorium and gallery a truly exciting venue for library programs and programs from other community groups.













































































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