Book an Art Exhibit


The library has two gallery spaces for hanging art that rotates monthly. Detailed information and an exhibitor release form can be found in the Exhibitor Information packet (attached below).

  • The gallery on the main floor has 55 ft. of hanging space and gets excellent foot traffic.
  • The Jennifer English Gallery is on the recently renovated second floor and is at the entrance of heavily used program rooms.  

Both galleries have a monitor for digital displays that can add another dimension to an installation.  

Artists are encouraged to come into the library and look at both spaces to gauge the amount of work that is needed to fill each gallery.  


  • Exhibits are placed at the library for one calendar month. They must go up on or after the first day of the month, and are to be taken down on or before the last day of the month in which they are scheduled.  Additional months may be available at the director's discretion, and the availability of the gallery. 
  • Please be aware that it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to physically put his or her exhibit into place, no library staff person will be on hand to help hang a show. Many people find it useful to bring a friend or family member along to assist.  
  • Library exhibits are put in place strictly for the enjoyment of the public, not as commercial advertisements.  Business flyers are not to be displayed, although the artist’s biography may mention a place of employment, and all exhibitors may give a contact phone number where they can be reached. 
  • Exhibitors are welcome to leave a price list with the reference staff; prices are not to be posted at either display site.



To schedule an art exhibit contact Library Director, Kris Chin at or call 401.247.1920 x307.