Free Indoor & Outdoor Wi-Fi


Image depicts an illustration of library patrons using mobile devices in a vacant parking lot.Indoor Wi-Fi
Connect to "Barrington Public" (no password needed) to enjoy Wi-Fi within the library. Coverage extends to the outdoor areas near the main entrance.

Having trouble with your connection inside the library? Toggle your Wi-Fi on off and back on. This will ensure you re-connect to the nearest access point for a stronger signal.

Outdoor Wi-Fi
Connect to "Library Parking Lot" (no password needed) and agree to the terms to enjoy Wi-Fi in the recreational areas behind the library, including Library Cove. 

The state-wide outdoor Wi-Fi project was made possible in-part by generous grants from the Rhode Island Foundation and OSHEAN, with hardware donated by the Information Technology Disaster Recovery Center (ITDRC). Installation was collaboratively provided by Intellibeam, OSHEAN, and OSL.