Computer Lab

Computer Lab
The library maintains two public-access Windows computer labs, one located on the main floor and another on the second floor. All of the library's public computers are free to use.

Accessing a Computer
Ocean State Library members may log into any public workstation using the library card and are allotted two hours of time, daily. All other patrons may visit the Reference Desk or Children's Desk for a guest pass that provides one-hour of daily use. 

PC Schedule & Shutdown
Library computers are available daily at open and automatically begin to shutdown 15 minutes before closing. Your session will likely end a few minutes earlier than that. Please plan your time accordingly.

To ensure patron privacy, our computers are configured to delete all data when your session ends. This includes any documents saved to the computer.

Saving Your Work
The library recommend patrons save their work using a cloud service like Google Workplace or Microsoft 365, or simply save their documents onto a USB flash drive.

USB Flash Drives
Patrons are welcome to bring their own flash drives. If you need one, they are available for purchase at the Reference Desk for $5 each.

Headphones are also available for in-library borrowing (2-hour use). Also available for purchase at the Reference Desk for $2 each. 

Terms of Use
By using our public access computers, you agree to our terms of use, which you can review here