Media Conversion

PLEASE NOTE: Drop-off media conversion services are not being accepted at this time.

Media conversion equipment is now located in our new Makerspace Studio, free to use by all Ocean State Libraries card holders. Drop by or book an appointment to learn how to revive old memories locked away on obsolete media formats and enjoy them as digital files.

For details, visit our makerspace page:

Current media formats supported include:
  • VHS tape 
  • VHS-C tape
  • 8mm tape (Hi8 or Digital8)
  • MiniDV tape 
  • DVD 
  • MiniDVD
  • Cassette tape 
  • LP (33, 45, 78)

Analog motion picture film (8mm, 16mm,  35mm reels) cannot be converted by the library. To convert photographic stills (35mm, slides, negatives, prints), refer to our self-service scanning station.

Please contact the Technology Coordinator at or 401-247-1920 x8 to discuss your specific needs. 
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