In Search of Buddha's Daughters: a modern journey down Ancient Roads by Christine Toomey

Tue, 03/07/2017 - 4:48pm -- JGranatino

Globetrotting author Christine Toomey traveled 60,000 miles in the course of two years, from San Francisco to Kathmandu, in order to interview women who have chosen to be Buddhist nuns. Though they have adopted different forms of Buddhist practice and may live either in monastic settings or in the wider community, they are united in their dedication to pursuing enlightenment for themselves and all beings. In telling the inspiring journeys of these women from widely-varying backgrounds and lifestyles and the sacrifices they made to pursue their vocations, she also shares much about the historical evolution of Buddhism and new directions it is taking in the contemporary world. Toomey feels their stories speak to us all: “All of us can sit quietly for some minutes each day and begin to touch what these women devote their lives to nurturing: the essence of what is in our hearts, our intuition, our true self.”

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