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A House Among the Trees by Julia Glass

Thu, 07/20/2017 - 9:40am -- JGranatino

Tomasina Daulaire has spent most of her life as assistant to legendary childrens' book author Mort Lear. She met him as a young girl watching her brother at the local playground. Morty struck up a conversation with her, asking if he could sketch Dani. Deciding this was harmless, she agreed and a few years later realized the character of Evo in Lear's new book, now a bestseller, was her brother. Running into Lear once again after college, he offered her a job and Tommy eventually moved into his country house upon a rolling estate in Connecticut. Upon Lear's untimely death, she became his executor and now has to decide how to honor his final wishes. Meredith, a museum curator, had assumed her museum would be the beneficiary of his art, even drawing plans for a new building to house the collection. Nick Greene, a dashing British actor, has been cast as the lead in a documentary film about Evo and Lear, and shows up unexpectedly at the country house to research his character. Dani, a struggling business owner, is bitter about Lear's success and Tommy's devotion to the author. Tomasina now has to deal with the aftermath of the tragedy while trying to cope with her own feelings of loss, deciding what her future will now be without Lear to care for.  

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