Mandala for the Inspired Artist by Marisa Edghill

Mon, 09/25/2017 - 1:58pm -- JGranatino

If you enjoy creating detailed abstract images such as Zentangle drawings, you may also enjoy designing mandalas. These symmetrical circular designs, visually representing integration and wholeness, can be found in many traditional cultures – Hindu, Buddhist, and Native American/Aboriginal – and can also be seen in Christian rose windows or labyrinths such as the famous one in Chartres Cathedral. Classically used as a tool for meditation and healing, mandalas can generate a centered, relaxed state. This book is a useful guide to making beautiful mandalas in various media including colored pencils, watercolors, gel pens and alcohol inks, collage, kirigami, washi tape, found materials, and mixed media. De-stress -- and unleash your creativity!

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