Film Lecture Series: Father of the Bride

Not Rated (1950) 1 hour and 32 minutes  Black & White

Part of librarian Doug Swiszcz's SPENCER TRACY film lecture series, with pre-film commentary.

Tracy plays Stanley Banks, whose daughter announces that she is getting married. Told in voiceover from Stanley's vantage point, this Vincente Minnelli-directed comedy deftly portrays the impact of this major life event on one man's settled existence. The supporting cast consists of Joan Bennett as Stanley's steadfast wife, Elizabeth Taylor and Don Taylor as the happy couple, Leo G. Carroll as the caterer, and Billie Burke as Taylor's future mother-in-law. Steve Martin appeared in a remake in the 1990s, but here is the original film.

Free and open to all.

The other films in this series will screen on:
10/5   at 1:00 pm - Captains Courageous
10/19 at 1:00 pm - Bad Day at Black Rock
10/26 at 1:00 pm - Judgment at Nuremberg

Event Location: 
Salem Family Auditorium (Second Floor)
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