The library will be closed on Monday, August 10 in observance of Victory Day.

Meet Galileo! History Comes Alive

Science, history, and mathematics come alive with a visit from the Starry Messenger who helped show future scientists the way to discover the laws of nature. The Starry Messenger is a dramatic fun filled adaptation of Galileo's short treatise Siderius Nuncius.

To many the Universe is a closed book of secrets never to be read. Almost four hundred years ago, an unknown court mathematician in Italy opened that book and laid the foundation for modern science. Galileo Galilei turned his telescope to the heavens to discover mountains and craters on the moon, four moons of Jupiter, and countless stars never before seen. Even more significant was his method of observation and mathematical analysis. He taught future scientists the way to discover the laws of nature.

Come experience living history theater! 
Free and open to all

Sponsored by the Friends of Barrington Public Library

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