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Film Class: Director's Edition w/ Andrew Gerstenblatt

Join local teen filmmaker Andrew Gerstenblatt for the second installment of his popular film workshops. Director's Edition.  

When we think about movies, we often designate the Director as the principal force behind the scenes. In this class, “Director’s Trademarks,” we will be discussing some of cinema’s most prominent storytellers. Some you may have heard of: Spielberg, Scorsese, Hitchcock....and others may be unfamiliar: Wright, Jarmusch, Iñárritu.... Each has their own unique approach to the art of filmmaking, and this lesson will go over techniques that they use to make their movies. Some of their styles are different, some are similar, others are genius, and a few are revolutionary. To see this, we will engage in open dialogue and watch example clips from different movies. Over the course of this class, our conversation will bring  the works of many different artists to light, and lead us to understand how each one has shaped the way we tell and interpret stories. 


Event Location: 
Westfall Children's Program Room (Second Floor)
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